• FSAU was created by the World Food Programme and USAID in 1994 to provide in depth food security information and analysis in Somalia. Food security is availability, access and utilization at all times to enough food of a sufficient quality to ensure an active healthy life.

  • 1995-1996 : Phase One. Funding was supplied through the European Commission's Somalia unit. Implementation of the project was organized by WFP.

  • 1997-1999 : Phase Two. Funding was supplied through WFP, USAID, European Commission, Italian Government and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Implementation was carried out by WFP.

  • 2000-present day : Phase Three. FSAU emphasis switched away from emergency response and relief towards medium and long-term planning and sustainable developement. Funding is currently being supplied by the European Community and implemented through the Food and Agriculture Organization.


  • Experience and Credibility : FSAU continues to build upon the achievements of its past activities. Over 150 international NGO's, donors, UN agencies, embassies and institutes subscribe to FSAU information products which are often the only and most reliable source of food security information on Somalia.

  • Qualified Professional Staff : FSAU has a diverse mix of Somali and other nationals whose areas of expertise include : agriculture, nutrition, livestock, markets and early warning and a detailed knowledge of livelihoods within Somalia itself.

  • Field Based Operations : The information gathered by the experienced Somali field team is further analysed at FSAU headquarters in Nairobi. FSAU then works with implementing partners, WFP, CARE and ICRC to provide targeted, life sustaining food to vulnerable populations ensuring minimum nutritional standards are  met. Enhanced cost efficiency and effectiveness are major benefits  of this food relief collaboration.

  • Networking and Coordination : Despite civil strife within the country and widespread insecurity, combined with the absence of central, political and administrative institutions, FSAU continues to network at community level and share food security information through a partnership of agencies and NGO's. Key partners are :FEWS Net, WFP Somalia, CARE, SC-UK, UNCU, UNDP, UNICEF, ICRC, UNCTAD, CINS, World Vision, Oxfam, Africover/FAO.