NAIROBI,  UNHCR Somalia Office (19 April)

More than 10,000 Somali refugees have arrived in the Kenyan border town of Mandera in the past two weeks. A week-long UNHCR mission to the town reported yesterday that the flow of new arrivals has decreased significantly this week, with only a few dozen refugees crossing in the past few days.

The refugees, who are from the Somali border town of Bula Hawa, told UNHCR that they were fleeing inter-factional fighting. They said that armed clashes seemed to be over the control of the road to Mogadishu. The road between Bula Hawa and Luuq has been closed and landmines reportedly laid along roads leading into Bula Hawa, cutting communication with other centres.

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Refugees drown off the Yemen coast

15 February 2001 - (IRIN)

...there are 65,000 Somali refugees in Yemen...

A boat carrying 131 passengers and crew sank off the coastline of Yemen, near the town of Mayfa'a, on Saturday, killing 14 people, a spokesman of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a press release from Geneva. 

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Housing Settlement Scheme: Bay and Bakool region

During the civil strife in Bay and Bakool regions over the past eight years, a large number of houses had been burnt, and residents forced to leave their homes and farmland to other towns in the region and beyond. With the recently improved security and the better crop growing conditions, many of them have now opted to return. 

In July/ August, WFP assisted close to 1,200 families to rebuild their homes in the two regions, by providing a food incentive for the reconstruction of huts. 1,200 traditional huts have now been constructed in over thirty villages throughout the two regions and have been allocated by the community leaders and elders to the most vulnerable members of the community.  (WFP Somalia report)