Security Update


Tension arising out of the Djibouti Peace Process continues to dominate the security scene in most of Somalia.

South Zone

South Zone remains generally quiet, but again, feelings are running high with reference to the proceedings in Djibouti.

In Dolo, the Marehan have been meeting over the past week in an effort to strengthen the SNF and resolve the difference between the Burale and Haji wings. Haji has boycotted the meeting. SNF (Burale Wing) militia delegates met with General Morgan in Baidoa. They are reported to have discussed military cooperation and strengthening ties within the Somali Peace Alliance. Mohamed Hersi Morgan continues to train and re-equip his troops in the Wajid/Barre area.

Kismayo Special Zone

On 1 April, fourteen (14) people were killed and five (5) wounded in inter-clan fighting between the Marehan and the Awrumalle at the village of Abdile Birole in Kismayo district.

Central Zone

The RRA and DSA have withdrawn to the Dinsoor area, and for the moment, no longer threaten Kunturwarey and Qoreoly, both of which are defended by sharia and Haber Gedir Ayre militia. The sharia have reported commencement of demining operations in the Kurtunwarey area.

Leaders in Merka continue to insist that there is no real threat to UNCAS operations in the city. The Zone Security Officer (ZSO) has reported that the security in the airport has been reinforced and is of good quality. The ZSO has been withdrawn for strategy discussions in

Fighting between Tuni and Biyamaal clans again broke out in the Brava area, and on 1 April, seven deaths were reported.

In the Belet Weyne area, skirmishing occurred between militia of the Reer Maadle and the Maamiye near Baadi-adde village. No casualties were reported in the most recent fight, but this has been a long running confrontation. 

In another incident in Belet Weyne area near Deefow village, armed confrontations between the Faqi Omar and the Faqi Mohamed sub-clans was reported to have claimed the lives of seventy (70) persons over the last six months. However, on 5 April, it was reported that elders of the two sides had worked out a cease-fire, and had agreed to discuss


The death threat against WFP national staff in Mogadishu remains in effect. The UN national officer OICs are collectively assuring the extra precautions are taken with regard to WFP staff movement in the city. The issue appears to involve a contract dispute between WFP and an unidentified Somali NGO headed by a Fadumo Hassan Galbeed, who has now been identified as the source. Mrs Galbeed is being approached by representatives of WFP to determine the nature of the dispute, and if it can be peacefully and equitable resolved.

On 2 April, militia clashed in the port of El Maan, located north of Mogadishu. Three persons were killed and a Toyota Landcruiser was looted from the port staff. In another incident on the same day, Agonieh militia rushed into a pharmacy in the Yaqshid District, and murdered the owner. 

On 2 April, a fight amongst Mohamed Qanyare's militia in the Bakara Market area led to a shooting incident that claimed the lives of three persons and wounded another four.

On 3 April, a political dispute between various civil elements in the Karan market resulted in the death of two people and the wounding of four others.

On 5 April, there were a number of demonstrations in various parts of the city, some of which supported the Djibouti initiative, and some of which opposed.

Car-jacking, street hold-ups, armed break-ins and killings continue in the city 

The seaport and airport remain closed.

Northeast Zone

Tension remains high in Bossaso with reference to the protests concerning the Djibouti Peace Process, but the frequency and tenor of the demonstrations have fallen off. Otherwise the zone is peaceful.

Northwest Zone

There are continuing press reports of military forces massing on both sides of the Somaliland/Djibouti border, although there have been no eyewitnesses to this event among the international staff in Somaliland. Press indications are that Djibouti has amasses a strong brigade of 5,000 troops on its side, while the Somalilanders have reinforced their border battalion with artillery, additional infantry, as well as light armour and technicals.

An ambush of a commercial vehicle on the Burao - Las Anod road led to the death of one person and the wounding of another two. Somaliland police managed to apprehend some of the perpetrators and seize the truck used during the assault. (UNCT Somalia Monitor - 1-7 April 2000).