Security Update


Tension arising out of the Djibouti Peace Process continues to dominate the security scene in most of Somalia. 

South Zone

South Zone remains generally quiet, but again, feelings are running high with reference to the proceedings in Djibouti.  General Mohamed Hersi Morgan continues to train and re-equip his troops in the Wajid/Barre area.

Kismayo Special Zone

Kismayo remains tense in the aftermath of sharp fighting between the sub-clans of the Marehan in early April. "technical" battle wagons from all sides are frequently observed in the city and its environs.

On 8 April, there was a clash between the Marehan Reer Ugas Sharmarke and the Marehan Reer Dalal near the seaport. Two were killed and twelve wounded in this clash. The attempted intervention by General Warsame apparently failed, in that both sides reacted to his presence, fired on his vehicle, and wounded several of his body guards.

Elders of the Marehan have requested the withdrawal of "allied forces" from Kismayo - i.e. Habir Gedir and Ogaden militia. They have also called for a general cease-fire amongst the Absame. Reports indicate that the Marehan elders have come out strongly in support of the
Djibouti peace process. 

Central Zone

There has been no fighting on either the Qoreoley or Kurtunwarey fronts this week.

Merka leaders have requested that the UN check security at the airport - this to insure that the risk from those who have threatened to shoot down UN aircraft is at a minimal level. Accordingly, UN ZSO Central Bijay Shah will travel to Merka on 15 April to undertake this

On 12 April, Sharia militia killed one bandit, and wounded two others, in a road clearance operation between Afgoi and Merka. On 11 April, Sharia militia arrested Dr. Jeylani, National Officer, OIC WHO, Merka because he refused to provide excessive medical supplies to sharia prisoners held in their prison in Merka. His assessment had been that they required drugs for treatment of and protection against malaria only, and that other drugs were not required. The sharia were angered by this decision, and arrested the WHO officer. However, he was released after intercession by local leaders.

Early this week, the DCSA conducted an assessment of the Jowhar-Mogadishu road. He found that militia of Musa Sudi have taken complete control of security of this series of routes, and have arrested significant numbers of local militia and even local leaders whom they considered to be responsible for the looting in this area. This is reported to have included some of those responsible for the death of CARE staff member Engineer Shuayb. As a result, UN security will CONDITIONALLY reopen this road for UN national staff. 


On 14 April, at 13 00 hours, UNDP leased vehicle in Mogadishu was fired upon and struck by militia of Mohamed Qanyare. The vehicle was on a mission to seek compensation for the entry of a UNDP guard dependant by the Qanyare militia. It was fired upon after the unsuccessful negotiations. A non-staff member who was a passenger in the vehicle was
slightly injured by shattered glass. This incident is being investigated.

The death threat against WFP national staff in Mogadishu remains in effect.

Car-jacking, street hold-ups, armed break-ins and killings continue in the city, but during this past week, at a lower level of intensity. 

Unidentified militia have taken over two schools in the Karan District of Mogadishu this week, ejecting both students and teachers. One person was killed in unrelated clan fighting in the same area. Meanwhile, land line telephone assets from Shibis Company have been cut and looted, wiping out telephone communications in some parts of the city.

A delegation from Djibouti is visiting the city for the purposes of discussions on the peace process.

The seaport and airport remain closed. 

Northeast Zone

Unconfirmed reports indicate that tensions are high in Galcaiyo, allegedly due to differences over the Djibouti process, and that some INGOs are considering withdrawing from the city. 

Northwest Zone

In the Gabiley area, a vehicle from the demining INGO Santa Barbara Foundation (SBF) was stopped by a disgruntled Somali ex-employee who was armed with a grenade. The occupants of the vehicle were all SBF national staff members. The vehicle turned around and departed the area without attack from the assailant. After some time and negotiation, he was arrested by officials of the administration in Gabiley. (UNCT Somalia Monitor - 7-14 April 2000).